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PointeMart is a state-of-the-art online marketplace created for small-to-medium-enterprises (SMEs) to advertise, sell, and distribute their product. Our goal is to empower retailers and adapt to their needs to give them the greatest opportunity for success. Likewise we give consumers the opportunity to purchase goods online and pay with more than just cash.

Benefits for Retailers

In Nigeria, small business often happens in the form of person-to-person trade, which inhibits online sales and limits payment to cash only. PointeMart is designed to launch SMEs into the e-commerce world by creating a simple platform to connect them to online customers without needing to be computer-literate or speak English as a first language. For retailers, we offer the PointeMart Admin Site, where they can add product, provide selling information, and further customize their storefronts, selling product to online customers all over the country. Once goods have been purchased, retailers receive notification via text and/or email with details of the order. Product is then moved to a SpacePointe Drop Ship Center, where a representative will assist them and prepare packages for pickup by a SpacePointe Logistics vendor.

Benefits for Consumers:

PointeMart provides an online location for consumers to purchase products with vendors and retailers they are familiar with. We provide ease of access to consumers who are uncomfortable with computers through our mobile application, so that consumers can make purchases right from their mobile phones. For those that are familiar with computers, we also offer the PointeMart website. Through both of those avenues, we provide the advantage of cashless pay with the ability to use credit/debit cards and even prepaid and other forms of gift cards. After browsing and selecting products by adding them to their "carts," consumers select a shipping method and a preferred shipping location, either by providing an address or choosing one of our convenient Drop Ship Locations, where they may also talk face-to-face with one of our helpful representatives. All of this information is then saved to the consumer account to make the buying process quicker. PointeMart offers consumers efficient purchasing, ease of use, reliable and convenient shipping, and secure payments, all with one click.